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WriteWise provides a modern risk transfer platform that can materially reduce the cost of health insurance in the U.S by attacking the fastest growing segment, drug cost.

Our Technology

Our proprietary underwriting engine and unique insurance products significantly contain pharmacy-related costs and generate material savings for both employers and employees.

Our Network

We connect insurance and reinsurance carriers with pharmacy benefit managers, managing general agents, benefits administrators, captive insurance companies, and other distribution partners.

Rx Protect

By offering the first level-funded insurance policy specifically for pharmacy risk, we are providing protection against escalating utilization, rebate hording and specialty costs, without limiting pharmacy or medication options for any member.

Brokers can offer unique protection against escalating risk. 

Captives, MGUs, and PBMs can guarantee their long-promised cost mitigation to the market.

Employers get to finally see a bill that goes down instead of up in their health benefits.

Employees get quality pharmacy coverage at a lower price. 

Essential Plan

Access a comprehensive formulary of over 1,300 drugs, including crucial medications such as insulin and inhalers, without any cost sharing for employees. Achieve optimal clinical results cost-effectively.

MEC Compliant

Ensure ACA compliance with our MEC plan, offering coverage that meets essential health standards without straining your budget.

Insulin Coverage

Secure vital insulin medications without the financial burden. Our plan supports affordable diabetes management.

Pain Medication Coverage

Effective pain management should not come at a high price. Our options offer relief through more affordable pain medications.

Inhalers Coverage

Access essential inhalers affordably, enhancing life for respiratory conditions. Our plan lowers costs, easing respiratory health management.

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