The Essential Plan

An optimized formulary engineered to maximize clinical efficacy and minimize costs.

Access up to 1,300 drugs
Zero-employee cost sharing
Includes insulin, pain medication and inhalers

The Essential Plan was created to provide employers with a low-cost, high-quality pharmacy benefit for their employees and their dependents.


We chose MedImpact as our pharmacy benefit administrator on the Essential Plan because for 30 years, it has been lowering cost, improving care, and delivering better solutions for their clients by providing competitive pricing, good value, and high-quality service. With the power of servicing more than 50 million lives, MedImpact provides the lowest dispensing fees allowing us to pass those savings to you.



The Essential Plan formulary was designed using our patented robust optimization modeling to maximize clinical options while minimizing cost. It includes over 1200 generic drugs available at every pharmacy nationwide including insulin, pain medications, and inhalers. Best of all, there are no copays or member costs at all!



Included in the Essential Plan is a robust discount card that can reduce the cost of medications by up to 80%. The discount component will be applied to most drugs not on the Essential Formulary at the point of sale giving our members access to thousands of drugs at the best cash price available.



The Essential Plan offers employers a choice between two foundational coverage options: a stripped-down, MEC-compliant base, providing the minimum essential coverage required by law, and a more comprehensive WriteWise Optimized base, which offers enhanced benefits.


Optimized WriteWise Base

Our premium coverage, powered by our advanced optimization engine, includes more than 1,200 drugs, ensuring comprehensive coverage across 95% of therapeutic classes for tailored, efficient healthcare solutions.


Basic MEC-Compliant Base

This coverage plan includes all the essential benefits needed to comply with the Minimum Essential Coverage standards set by the Affordable Care Act, ensuring that every basic healthcare requirement is met. It includes 202 drugs.



After choosing a base plan, employers can customize their coverage with optional add-ons for insulin, pain medication, and inhalers, allowing for a more personalized approach to address the healthcare requirements of their workforce.


Secure vital insulin medications without the financial burden. Our plan supports complete diabetes management at an affordable cost.

This buy-up provides expanded coverage for short-lasting (Bolus) and long-lasting (Basal) insulin products (vials). It includes 21 additional drugs.


Effective pain management should not come at a high price. Our options offer relief through more affordable pain medications.

This buy-up provides expanded coverage for narcotic and non-narcotic analgesics, anti-inflammatory, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal therapy agents. It includes 50 additional drugs.


Access essential inhalers affordably, enhancing life for respiratory conditions. Our plan lowers costs, easing respiratory health management.

This buy-up provides expanded coverage for rescue inhalers, bronchodilators, antihistamines and  long lasting acting agents to help keep airways clear. It includes 25 additional drugs.

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